The Bucket Course

Release your past, return from your future, into the NOW

  • Become aware of patterns that no longer serve you

  • Use a simple process to notice unhelpful energy patterns

  • Learn to instantly and permanently release old patterns

  • Clear patterns to make coping unnecessary

  • Clear your energetic slate so that you can paint the portrait of your future

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Scan, Identify, & Release

  • Challenges Don't Have To Cause Suffering

    Humans, through the process of living, collect old wounds which ultimately attract similar energy in the future. Although this collection is natural, we are not meant to carry these old attachments forever.

  • Become Your Own Expert

    We all have the inborn ability to sense what is really bothering us. The simple act of accurately identifying what is causing the problem, will begin the process of immediate clearing.

  • Chuck The Bucket

    The Bucket is a simple process that will allow you to permanently release ANY old energy pattern (e.g., thought, feeling, emotion, sensation).

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The Bucket Course Curriculum

Instantly Release What No Longer Serves You

  • 1

    The Bucket Course

  • 2

    The Bucket - The Basics

    • The Bucket - Introduction

    • Building Awareness And Preparing To Bucket

    • Creating the Bucket And The Opening

    • Nuts And Bolts Of The Bucket

    • The Bucket Exercise Handout

  • 3

    Specific Bucket Examples

  • 4

    Practice Audio Examples

    • How To Use This Section

    • Nighttime Bucket Meditation- Clearing Today

    • Nighttime Bucket Clearing Tomorrow

    • General Clearing Bucket

    • Stress Bucket

    • Physical Bucket

  • 5


    • Final Items And Recommendations

Course Instructor


Dr. Alan Nasypany

Alan has 20+ years experience as a healthcare professional, 15+ years as a professor, and has 75+ peer-reviewed journal articles related to patient care research. Alan started and directs the first doctoral program in Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) where he is the Director, and routinely serves as a guest lecturer in Medical Schools in the NorthWest. With this technique alongside dozens of cutting-edge treatment intervention trainings, and a focused intuition, Alan has learned and developed many strategies to help guide your transformation process. Alan knows that every person is a gold mine and can be their own expert!

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