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Your Vibration

Your vibration is your state of being- it is how you feel. It is not theoretical, it is physical, and you can change this state of being as quickly as changing a channel. In this course we will share essential teachings about how to measure, and change/enhance your vibration.

Your Vibrational Puzzle

There are two essential pieces in your vibrational puzzle. The first is awareness of how you are feeling and what it means. Are you feeling tight, constricted, contracted, and exhausted? If you answered yes, then you are experiencing resistance. Are you feeling amazing, wise, loving, effortless, expansive, and vitalized? If, yes, then you are in flow. The second piece of the vibrational puzzle, is knowing that you can instantly change your vibration with our simple process.

Living A Joyful Life

While you are not always in control of your circumstances, you can control your vibration. Practicing our simple process will allow you to experience life's greatest challenges, as well as pleasures, with a joyful flow. Imagine flowing through life while being able to embody a wise, loving, joyful, vitalized vibration. The more you work with this process, and create vibrational momentum, the more you will experience satisfaction in a state of perpetual joy.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to The "Bringing In The Vibrations" Video Course

  • 2

    Bringing In The Vibrations

    • Bringing In The Vibration - Introduction And Overview

    • Bringing In The Vibration Exercise Handout

  • 3

    "Bringing In The Vibrations" Demonstrations With Jim

  • 4

    Choosing The Correct Vibration

    • Choosing The Correct Vibration: Introduction

    • Choosing The Correct Vibration

  • 5

    Bringing In 8 Specific Vibrations

    • Bringing In Specific Vibrations: Introduction

    • Guide To Bringing In The Specific Vibrations

    • Truth

    • Connection To Source

    • Love

    • Joy

    • Kindness

    • Confidence

    • Passion and Creativity

    • Vitality

  • 6

    Bonus Audios

    • Safety

    • Connection To Internal Guidance

    • Rested and Energized

  • 7

    Empowering Your Human Experience

    • Creating Your Own Vibration

    • Bringing In The Vibrations Summary

    • Thank You And Wrap-Up

Course Instructor


Dr. Alan Nasypany

Alan has 20+ years experience as a healthcare professional, 15+ years as a professor, and has 75+ peer-reviewed journal articles related to patient care research. Alan started and directs the first doctoral program in Athletic Training (Sports Medicine) where he is the Director, and routinely serves as a guest lecturer in Medical Schools in the NorthWest. With this technique alongside dozens of cutting-edge treatment intervention trainings, and a focused intuition, Alan has learned and developed many strategies to help guide your transformation process. Alan knows that every person is a gold mine and can be their own expert!

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